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The Incoherent Ramblings of a Nerdy Seamstress

"Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?"

Christine H.
"She felt that her whole life was some kind of dream and she sometimes wondered whose it was
and whether they were enjoying it."

I'm a rambling and boring nerdy girl. What first started off as a sewing journal, has now expanded to my other areas of interest: books, films and television. I love stories and I enjoy talking about the stories I love. I gave up on being eloquent a long time ago. Most of what I say here is incoherent (my favorite word ever!) thinking-out-loud type of writing---but what else do you expect from someone who talks out-loud to herself more than a sane person ever would?

So here you'll find my sewing projects, rantings on LOST, theories on the beloved HP, unabashed love for all things Dickens, exclamations on the wonders (and horrors!) of fabric, declarations of adoration for my current favorite film and the ravings of a girl who is more like Jane Austen than she first realized.

Cast of Characters (AKA people that I refer to):
Christine: Me! Hoxie. Nerd.
Daniel: My little brother. We share a house together because if we lived with other people, we would kill them. We grew up learning how to tolerate one another and we can yell at each other...so it works out pretty good. For reals, he is my best friend.
Liz & Terry: Liz is my BF in Texas. Terry is her husband and they come into town and we go out and eat and drink. A lot.
Xavier: The youngest of our group of friends. We keep him around to be our designated driver, hahahaha.

Basically, this represents the dynamic we have (except these people are better looking, haha):

The married couple who have been together FOREVER. The single guy who wants a lasting relationship (and he also loves Star Wars). The single girl who is too independent for her own good. And the other guy who makes us laugh and just wants to make out with girls.

And the rest:
Celia: My BFF (hehe) who lives far away in exotic New Zealand. *sigh*
Rachel: My former Roomie when I worked at Disneyland.
Cheyenne: Another former cast member that I miss. We make fun of Twilight together.
The Boys'("thee boys-is"): Usually refers to the four guys who are Oh No Oh My---Daniel, Joel, Tim and Greg. I don't know why I started using that---I was probably tired of saying "Daniel, Joel Tim and Greg" all the time. "Boys'" is much easier.
Wallace: My MacBook!
Gromit: My iPod!

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